2016 The MidAtlantic
Payout Summary
Jupiter 50 and Under $48,880.00
My Port Calcutta - CAPE MAY $195,520.00
My Port Calcutta - OCEAN CITY $244,400.00
MidAtlantic $372,240.00
In Deep $755,760.00
Little & OReilly / Merrill Lynch White Marlin Pro Jackpot $488,800.00
Blue Marlin Pro Jackpot $287,640.00
SeaKeeper Tuna Pro Jackpot $186,120.00
Tuna Dolphin Wahoo $270,250.00
Ray Catena On The Board Reward $253,800.00
Atlantic Tackle Billfish Points Calcutta - CAPE MAY $19,740.00
Atlantic Tackle Billfish Points Calcutta - OCEAN CITY $36,660.00
Total Payout $3,159,810.00
Boats Entered 157

On the Scale - Thursday, 8/25

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Blue Marlin and White Marlin Top Day Three Weigh In Action at 25th MidAtlantic Tournament!
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weather plays a significant role in offshore fishing in many ways. A simple change in wind direction gets billfish and tuna in a feeding mood and that’s just what occurred on Day Three of the 25th ..

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