2016 The MidAtlantic
Payout Summary
Jupiter 50 and Under $48,880.00
My Port Calcutta - CAPE MAY $195,520.00
My Port Calcutta - OCEAN CITY $244,400.00
MidAtlantic $372,240.00
In Deep $755,760.00
Little & OReilly / Merrill Lynch White Marlin Pro Jackpot $488,800.00
Blue Marlin Pro Jackpot $287,640.00
SeaKeeper Tuna Pro Jackpot $186,120.00
Tuna Dolphin Wahoo $270,250.00
Ray Catena On The Board Reward $253,800.00
Atlantic Tackle Billfish Points Calcutta - CAPE MAY $19,740.00
Atlantic Tackle Billfish Points Calcutta - OCEAN CITY $36,660.00
Total Payout $3,159,810.00
Boats Entered 157

2016 The MidAtlantic
Catch Summary
Species Lnd Rel Total
White Marlin 30 768 798
White Marlin LATE 0 12 12
Blue Marlin 5 25 30
Tuna 36 1 37
Wahoo 7 0 7
Dolphin 17 0 17
Total: 95 806 901


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Record Setting Silver Anniversary MidAtlantic Comes to a Close!
Friday, August 26, 2016

In true MidAtlantic tournament style the Silver Anniversary edition of sportfishing’s “Main Event” came to a close on Friday evening with lavish award ceremonies held at Canyon C ..

Hot White Marlin Bite Continues on Day Four of 2016 MidAtlantic
Thursday, August 25, 2016

The white marlin bite continued its steady pace on Day Four of the 25th MidAtlantic and the ’riggers of vessels at both tournament ports bore the evidence of just how good the action was. For the  ..

Blue Marlin and White Marlin Top Day Three Weigh In Action at 25th MidAtlantic Tournament!
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weather plays a significant role in offshore fishing in many ways. A simple change in wind direction gets billfish and tuna in a feeding mood and that’s just what occurred on Day Three of the 25th ..

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